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Illinois Parentage & Paternity Attorneys

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Parentage, more commonly referred to as paternity, determines the relationship between a parent and child and establishes what the rights and responsibilities of the parent are. Under Illinois law, there are rights for someone even if they are not legally married, but it is necessary to establish paternity to be able to define the parental rights and establish child custody, visitation and child support.

Both mothers and fathers have a right to have their relationship defined between a child and his or her biological father. This is critical to ensuring that there will be appropriate child custody and child support orders to guarantee the best interest and well-being of the child. Paternity testing is completed with a cheek swab.

Tristano & Tristano, Ltd. have vast experience representing both men and women in cases where paternity is being established. We help mothers to bring about legal actions in order to establish parentage and then to handle any following child custody or child support issues. We also help men to declare their legal rights as a father or to disprove paternity.

Illinois Parentage & Paternity Attorneys

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